Leadership and servitude can be both rewarding and fulfilling. Both can be quite demanding of you, emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically; however, the thing that is required to be effective at either is HEART! In this book, you will be able to take what is in your HEART and cultivate it to become more effective in your service and leadership role. Neither longevity nor the size of your team causes effectiveness within an organization if the core of your team or the leadership does not have the HEART of servitude! 


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“I have watched Antar Muhammad serve and lead over the years serve with a servant/leader heart.  If anyone is qualified and able to share on this topic, Antar is! Reading this book will empower you with the knowledge and principles need to be impacting and practical as a servant leader!”


Pastor John K. Jenkins, Sr., Senior Pastor

First Baptist Church of Glenarden

    Upper Malboro, MD   


In preparation for leadership your heart must be circumcised for those who you lead, direct and have governance in their journey of life.  The comprehension of your heart being regulated for servant-leadership is magnificently explored in this literary expedition. No leadership library should exist without a HEARTcore book.


Bishop Eric D. Garnes, D.Min, MPS

United Covenant Churches of Christ

Presiding Prelate



Before I had ever read one word of this provocative blueprint of thoughts, through experience I already knew that the architect was qualified to sketch. Antar Muhammad truly has his finger on the pulsating heart beat of true service. This book teaches us, that like lava to a volcano, service should be at the core of us all!



The LightHouse Church

Houston, TX



Antar Muhammad is the epitome of a leader with a servant’s heart.  He truly understands the hearts of those he has been called to serve, and the hearts of those he has been called to lead.  In this book, you will find indispensable and vital information that will refresh and revitalize your current leadership style.  Antar’s concept of “Heart C.O.R.E” leadership is powerful, compelling and essential. HeartCore will teach you how to navigate challenges and maximize victories with a new “Heart-focused” approach.   This book is a must-read for leaders who truly desire to influence their teams from the HEART.


Pastor Jeff Hill, Senior Pastor

Serenity Village Community Church

Minneapolis, MN



Antar Muhammad has hit the nail on the head in HeartCore While most books written today discuss the acts of serving, in this book, Antar has masterfully unveiled the key to being truly effective in a serving role— the heart! This book is sure to make an impact on all who read it!


Pastor James Teague, Senior Pastor

Uproar Church

Owings Mills, MD



"Having the heart of a servant is the foundation of being a true servant. What Antar Muhammad lives and believes has been translated into book form.  Through this book, you will be inspired, transformed, and challenged to rise higher in your commitment to serve.”


Johnny Mcgowen

Associate Pastor Lakewood Church

Houston, TX



Don’t look much further for a leader than the person staring back at you in the mirror. Antar Muhammad helps us find the qualities to be the effective leader we seek in our lives. And he starts with teaching us the importance of serving others. Anyone looking to reshape their life needs this book now!

DeVon Franklin, Producer and NY Times Best Selling Author