Meet Antar! 

Antar Muhammad joined The Potter's House church in 1997. As a faithful member he initially volunteered his time and talents serving in the Safety & Hospitality Departments. His volunteer efforts were exhibited in such an excellent manner that it opened up the opportunity for him to work in full-time ministry. In 2008, he joined the ministry staff as a full time employee continuing to serve the kingdom of God with excellence and integrity. Holding multiple positions within the organization he now serves as Executive Coordinator for Bishop Jakes. His duties include maintaining and coordinating Bishop Jakes’ calendar, schedule planning, and logistical planning both domestically and internationally. Careful examination of his meticulous execution of handling the affairs, business ventures and presentation of Bishop Jakes its easy to see that he is an asset to leadership and knows how to serve in every setting from the pulpit to the boardroom. Recently, he expanded his training and education by completing The Protocol School of Washington, where he went through extensive training on business etiquette, international protocol, business etiquette and image training.  His day to day tasks in his role are extensive, multi-functional and ever changing but he still finds time to balance his career, calling and caring for his family. With his demanding schedule you would think he would not have time for any other projects or passions, but in his spare time he is committed to building a non profit organization called DadsUnited. Fulfilling the role of dad has been one task that he takes seriously and doing whatever it takes to be present for his children birthed a passion to mentor and encourage other dads in their fatherhood role. This organization was designed to uplift men but also be a blessing to those who may not have a dad present in their lives. Mr. Muhammad is a man of ministry, mission and motivation in all facets of his life and career. He currently resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with his wife Krystal and two daughters Madison and Elizabeth.